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Pony beads are really fun beads for creating all sorts of bead crafts such as jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, book marks, banners, lanyards and many other projects. We offer 2 different packages of pony beads.

One of the best thing about cheap pony beads is that they come in many, many different colors.

Pony beads are made out of plastic and are shaped like barrels or donuts. They are about 6x9mm in size and a hole that is about 4mm in diameter.

You can string pony beads in different types of string and cording like Stretch Magic or Elastic Cording, S'getti Cord, Hemp or Cotton or Monofilament.

If you need large quantities of pony beads, choose from over 130 colors in bulk pony bead packs.


pony beads, alphabet beads

Plastic pony beads are popular for many types of crafts, decorations and jewelry making projects. Our plastic pony beads are lightweight and come in a variety of different colors. Our Pony Beads are Made in the USA (with the exception of the metallic colors) and are similar in shape and size to pony beads at Walmart or pony beads at Michaels.

Available in many different opaque colors. You can choose from individual colors. Pony beads can be opaque or have a pearlized sheen. Transparent pony beads are different colors which you can see through. Glitter pony beads are transparent with specks of glitter in them for extra fun sparkle. Glow in the dark pony beads are fun for Halloween and other activities. Pony beads also come in bright neon colors.

Our plastic pony beads are well suited for use with cube shape plastic alphabet beads that are 6mm or larger.

The most popular type of pony bead is a simple round, barrel shape beads. Pony beads also come in different shapes such as star beads, heart beads, flower beads and butterfly beads. These beads also have larger holes like round pony beads so they can be strung on a large variety of stringing materials. Pony beads can also be used for hair braiding and decorations.

Take a look at our ideas for pony bead crafts ideas and pony bead patterns.

We offer alphabet beads and number beads in mixed packages or as individual alphabet beads and individual number beads.

Alphabet beads and number beads are available in plastic, pewter and sterling silver.

You can choose from packaged of mixed letters or mixed numbers, or choose single letter beads or single number beads.

Alphabet beads and beads with numbers on them can be used to personalize bead projects and craft projects. Number beads can be used to spell out the year, special dates or to make nursing bracelets.

Vertical hole alphabet beads are special alphabet beads with holes that are oriented from top to bottom. When the alphabet beads are strung onto cording, the letter beads read from top to bottom and hang downwards.
Use Alphabet Beads to personalize your pony bead craft projects. We offer packages of mixed letters or individual letter beads.
Number beads in cube and round shapes. Available in several styles and colors.
see stringing materials and other supplies for your pony bead crafts
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Pony Beads bulk (500 beads/ pack)
Pony Beads variety packs


Cotton Cord & Hemp
Satin Rattail Cording
S'getti Cord Plastic Cording
Stretch Magic & Elastic Cording

These pony beads have glitter in them and are transparent. Super fun!
Solid color pony beads in a large variety of colors.
Pony beads with a pearl like sheen for added elegance.
Available in many different colors.
beads that hang downwards,
letters & numbers available
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Use alphabet beads and pony beads to create personalized crafts to fit your themes or lessons.

Girl Scout Law Pony Bead Kit

Girl Scout Colors Pony Bead Kit - includes green, khaki & white pony beads

Number Beads & Alphabet Beads can be used to personalized your crafts with your troop number.

Click here to take a look at our Girl Scout Bead Kits.

Celebrate school spirit and special events using pony beads in school colors and alphabet beads representing your team name or mascot.

Alphabet beads can also be used to create special words for phrases for your club, a special cause, or fundraising activity.

Bead activities are also great for teachers to incorporate into fun, yet educational activities.

Pony beads & alphabet beads can be strung to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains, book marks and other projects.

Plastic pony beads and plastic alphabet beads can be used to create personalized stretch bracelets, key chains, necklaces, decorations, book marks and other bead projects and crafts. We offer a large selection of colors, more colors than pony beads at Walmart or pony beads at Michaels.

To make name bracelets or alphabet bead bracelets, all you need are colored beads such as pony beads, alphabet beads and stretch cord. Simply string on the beads and knot. Pony beads are available in bulk pony beads packages.

Vertical hole alphabet beads are most commonly used for making key chains, book marks and anything where you would like the beads to read from top to bottom. Vertical alphabet beads are available in mixed letters and mixed numbers or you choose specific letter beads or specific number beads to customize your bead project.

Alphabet beads are very handy for create personalized projects. You can spell out the name of your favorite team, or a special word or message. Single alphabet beads are available if you just need certain letters. If you want an assortment of letters to work with, we also have alphabet beads in packages of mixed letters.

Cube beads with numbers on them and round number beads are another way to customize your craft projects. Use numbers to symbolize troop numbers, spell out the year, or any other special date or number. Number beads are also used for making nursing bracelets.

Use different types of bead cording such as leather, hemp, stretch cord, beading wire, elastic, and other types of stringing materials to string beads.

Take a look at bead instructions on creating fun bead projects like stretch bracelets, beaded necklaces, name key chains and more.
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