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Plastic pony beads can be used for many different types of projects. They are available in over 150 colors and are very economical.

Use cheap pony beads to create friendship bracelets, name bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry and crafts. Pony beads are also used to create banners.

Create friendship bracelets and rave kandi with our large selection of plastic pony beads. To make stretch bracelets, use elastic or stretch cord.

Make personalized key chains using pony beads and alphabet beads.


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Pony beads are plastic barrel shaped beads that are 6x9mm (donut shaped). The hole size is about 4mm. Pony beads are available in several colors.

We offer 3 different size packages of pony beads including:

Small packs of pony beads of 25 grams (about 100 beads), starting at only $0.99 per package, you can try out many different colors

Pony Beads in bulk packages are a greater value and give you more beads to work with at a great price, these packages have 130 grams per back, about 500 beads per bag.

Pony Beads wholesale packages offer the best value and is a great option of you need a lot of pony beads. These packages have 1300 grams per back, about 5000 beads per bag.

Pony beads are versatile and can be used in many types of craft projects to make lanyards, key chains, bracelets, necklaces and other projects.

Pony beads have a hole size of about 4mm which is large enough to be strung on a variety of cording, thin or thick. Recommended stringing materials include several options. Use stretch cord or elastic to create stretch bracelets and necklaces. For other projects, use S'getti cord for lanyards, key chains, necklaces, decorations and other crafts. Pony beads can also be strung on cotton cord, hemp, leather and many other types of string or cord.
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