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Pony beads are so much fun - here are some project ideas using pony beads, string and other great materials. Project ideas include different bracelet techniques, key chains, necklaces and book marks.

Simple Pony Bead Stretch Bracelets
Create your own fun and color stretch bracelets using pony beads, alphabet beads and number beads. Use different types of beads, shapes and colors and explore endless design possibilities.
1. Alphabet Beads name bracelet, 2. Girl Scouts Pony Bead Bracelet, 3. Halloween Pony Beads bracelet
supplies needed: your choice of pony beads, alphabet beads, number beads and other beads, stretch jewelry cord or elastic cording, ruler, scissors, bead mat (or soft surface)

basic instructions:
Use a bead mat, or some type of soft place mat to work on, the soft surface will help prevent beads from rolling around and onto the floor.

You many want to lay out your beads ahead of time on a design board to figure out the order in which you will string your beads

Cut about 10.5 - 11" of stretch cord (you will need extra length for knotting,the length can be adjusted depending on the bracelet size)

Clamp a binder clip or bead stopper on the end of the stretch cord, start stringing beads, if you are making a 7" bracelet, string on 7" of beads.

When finished stringing, remove the binder clip and knot your bracelet.
Click here to learn more about Types of Knots and Adding Charms or Dangling Beads

Pony Bead Stretch Bracelets - tieing a knot
Here are some helpful hints on knotting different types of cording.
1. Surgeon's knot, 2. Tight square knot, 3. Overhand knot
To make a stretch bracelet, all you have to do is string beads and tie a knot. For thinner stretch cord that is 0.7mm or thinner, a surgeon's knot works very well.

When using our 2mm elastic cording, all you have to do is tie a tight square knot.

Another simple knot to use is an overhand knot - this works great for thicker cording (such as .08mm or thicker Stretch Magic)

Adding Charms or Dangling beads
Get creative by making your own charms or hanging beads from your bracelet. Make custom charms and dangles for your bracelets, anklets and necklaces with a very easy trick.
1. Use colored satin cord to add dangling beads, 2. This bracelet features skull beads attached with brightly colored S'getti cord.
Use this technique to transform pony beads and other types of beads into charms and dangles.

You can use pretty satin cording or almost any type of cording you like. If you use beads with small holes, you will need skinner cord such as monofilament, or even stretch magic. For smaller holes, you can also use flexible beading, but you will need crimp beads to finish the ends.

Alphabet Bead Key Chains
Make personalized key chains using alphabet beads to spell names and special messages. Use pony beads and bead shapes to add color and decorate key chains.
1. "LIZZIE" key chain using purple 7mm horizontal hole alphabet beads and 6x9mm pony beads, 2. "TESS" key chain featuring 11mm vertical hole alphabet beads and 6x9mm pony beads, 3. "MORGAN" key chain with black 7mm horizontal hole alphabet beads and 6x9mm pony beads

supplies needed: your choice of pony beads, alphabet beads, number beads and other beads, thick cording such as satin rattail, cotton, or hemp, key rings, split rings, ruler, scissors, bead mat (or soft surface)

You can use alphabet beads with horizontal holes or bead with vertical holes. Our examples use both purple 7mm alphabet beads (horizontal holes), 11mm white vertical hole alphabet beads and black 7mm alphabet beads (horizontal holes).

Click here to see detailed instructions to make an alphabet bead key chain and helpful hints.

Ladder Weave with Pony Beads & Alphabet Beads
Create a unique wrap bracelet using this ladder weave technique. The bracelet is accented with a button closure, a fabulous detail.
This bracelets incorporates colored pony beads and alphabet beads to create a special message
This technique is can be used with almost any type of bead. You can experiment with different colors combinations of beads and string. We have examples using hemp cord, satin rattail cord, and embroidery thread.

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